What Can You Use an RWC for?

Are you planning to sell your old car? Before you even advertise it on print media, TV or the Internet, the vehicle must be certified for the sake of the safety of the buyer.

There are a number of things which can go wrong when driving a motor vehicle on the road. Some of these accidents usually start from a small problem inside the car. This is why the RWC was implemented.

So what is this mobile safety certificate all about?

This is basically a test that is executed by a certified individual on a motor vehicle to find out if it has the capacity to provide a safe ride for those who hop in. The procedure is simple since the car owner just needs to bring the vehicle to the shop. If the motor vehicle passes the exam, the permit will be issued to the car owner.

What vehicle parts are being checked?

The mechanic will find out how good or how bad the vehicle performs by testing its build, the chassis, windows, steering, transmission, suspension and the wheels. The basic inspection will not let the car owner know that the car is in perfect condition, but it will inform him or her that the vehicle has passed the minimal requirements for road safety.

If the car owner decides to have further tests done on the vehicle, he or she just has to let the mechanic know. It may have additional costs since the RWC does not cover it.

In case the test is given a failing rank by the mechanic, the car owner can try again after a week. Within that week, the car parts must be replaced or maintained. If the inspection fails again, the car owner can still try again at some point.

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