Why Do You Need to Hire Professional Landscape Architects?

You may interchange landscape designers from landscape architects. To clear things out their expertise and skills vary widely. By law, landscape architects are licensed and regulated. There are instances when you are required to hire them to comply with the regulations and standards set by your locality. Below are the types of work when you need to hire their service:

  • Site drainage plans and grading plans

As professionals, they are permitted to draw a grading plan and can also submit a sealed grading plan as part of the permit application package.

Landscape drawings and plans that need a seal by licensed architects for permit approval. Although not all states require a seal from a licensed professional, so this job depends on your local regulations.

  • Retaining wall designs

This depends on the location. A retaining wall may require approval before building, and the drawings should be sealed by a licensed professional. A professional architect or engineer may be required at some point, considering the footing type, height of the wall and the soil conditions.

  • Special conditions and sensitive sites

There are parts of the landscape projects that are considered complex, like, if the work proposed may require altering or changing a public right of way or if your property contains protected wetlands or situated within a floodplain. Conditions as such may have stricter requirements than simple projects.

Licensed landscape architects can do a lot more than those enumerated above. With the many professionals to hire, there is no reason why would you take the cheaper route. If you will come to think of it, hiring the right professional can go a long way. It gives you so many benefits that you cannot neglect.

If you are hiring contractors, you need to make sure whether they are assigning the right professional you need for your landscape project. Now that you know the difference between a landscape architect and designer, you know who the best person to hire for a project is. And if you want to make sure you get the best service, click here!